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Agnello Valuation Specialists (previously Agnello Property Valuations) has been providing valuations for local Western Australians and businesses, as well as interstate and overseas clients, since 1998. There is no property too big or too small that we haven't valued. We understand that valuations are requested for many different reasons with confidentiality and discretion essential to the process.

Agnello Valuation Specialists commenced in 2012 and today is a specialist valuation firm providing both valuations and property advice and consultation to a diverse field of clients including settlement agents, lawyers, accountants, developers, landlords (both residential and commercial), private clients and has provided service to local and state government departments. Many clients have been loyal to the firm since the late 1990s due to the quality of service and expertise that has been provided.

Joseph Agnello FAPI
Proprietor & Senior Valuer

Joseph is a well known in the industry and is a Fellow member of the Australian Property Institute. He served the industry at both local and national levels and has some 25 years plus of experience. There is not a type, building or property use that he hasn't had to value.

Joseph’s career started working for private companies & gaining valuable experience in the valuation of bulk residential Finance valuations in both the metropolitan area & country towns. Throughout this initial 8 years he also undertook private & institutional valuations for many different types of clients. In the late 1990’s started Agnello Property Valuation & for the next 10 years gaining further valuable experience in specialist property, rental reviews & determinations, compensation & compulsory acquisitions, Family Court & in commercial, industrial & retail sectors.

In 2012Agnello Valuation Specialists commenced capitalising on his many years of specialist experience. Now known as a Senior Valuer in the industry, Joseph became a Fellow of the Australian Property Institute & today undertakes a wide variety of instructions & has established himself as a specialist in the industry & been an expert witness, represented clients at SAT, undertaken Family Law Court instructions & due to his knowledge & experience provides consultation & property advice to many clients.