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Being a boutique and independent valuation firm, we are not constrained by unrealistic and short turnaround periods. Agnello Valuation Specialists provide expert valuations that are comprehensive, informative and fully researched with no stone left unturned to determine the true value of the property.

Valuations are undertaken for many different reasons. As a valuation specialist and with 25 years in the industry, Joseph Agnello has valued most properties for most reasons.


“Where Land and Real Estate is concerned you need to know its value”


At Agnello Valuation Specialists we can provide you with a Licensed Property Valuation for any type of property to cater for your individual needs. No property is too small, too large or too unusual.


There are many types of residential properties. It might be your home or maybe an  investment property, It could be a vacant lot, home unit, villa unit, townhouse or modern apartment. Possibly it is a development site or a finished unit development requiring Unit Entitlement values. No matter the size, value or type of residential property Agnello Valuation Specialists will find the true market value.


Commercial valuations commonly include the valuation of industrial, retail and office properties. These can be individual strata units or freehold properties or even a multi tenanted development. Commercial properties also are often leased to a tenant(s)  & Agnello Valuation Specialists will provide an independent market rent of these properties for rent reviews or rental disputes.


All real estate has a value & as a specialty valuation firm Agnello Valuation Specialists have provided valuations of childcare & medical centres, pharmacies & leasehold properties to mention only a few specialty property areas. We have determined rental disputes, undertaken insurance &  superannuation valuations, compensation valuations & are the Retrospective Valuation experts.

The reason why you might need a Valuation

A Property Valuation by a Licensed Valuer is requested for many different purposes. These include the following reasons you may need an independent valuation.

  • Property Settlement / Divorce Valuation

  • Unit Entitlement Valuation

  • Insurance Valuation

  • Superannuation Valuation

  • Stamp Duty Valuation

  • GST Valuation

  • Compensation Valuation - Road Widening, Easements, POS etc (whole & partial)

  • Capital Gains Valuation

  • Mortgage Finance Valuation

  • Pre Purchase Valuation

  • Probate Valuation

  • Sale or Disposal Valuation

  • Port Folio Valuation

  • Rent Review Valuation for Commercial, Industrial & Retail Properties